It's time for a new heating system for your home...  make sure the new system is properly sized.

The EPA states that the number one thing you need to do before a heating installation is a manual J heat load calculation… yet more than half of all HVAC contractors don’t perform this test.

Heat Load Calculation

A heat load calculation doesn’t just look at the size of the home, but measures room-to-room air flow, duct size, window leakage, duct leakage, and insulation to determine the exactly how many BTU’s – the power of a system -  needed to keep your home comfortable. 

Clearly this is important because a 30,000 BTU heating system cost a lot less than a 60,000 BTU system, and if your home is leaking then you will be paying to heat the neighborhood and overworking the heater - which will shorten its lifespan.

Revival Energy Group performs a heat load calculation before every heating design and they use the most accurate form for measuring it – the EPA recommended blower door test

The test uncovers areas where your home is wasting heat. 

Your heating and cooling design professional from Revival Energy Group will provide a list of areas you can improve your home efficiency as well as sizing the perfect heating system for your comfort.

At Revival Energy Group, we combine Heating and Air-conditioning Design and installation with home efficiency upgrades like air sealing and insulation for a complete home performance approach.   

Best Warranties and Guarantees

Because we know we have sized your system perfectly and upgraded your home efficiency we know you will be comfortable and the system won’t be strained which means it will last longer and so we can offer the best warranties and guarantees in the business.

That includes upgrading the typical five year system warranties to a full ten year warranty… and the amazing 2 degree comfort guarantee – which states that every room in your home will have a variance no greater than two degrees from your thermostat. 

So if you need a new heating system, before you call any HVAC contractor, call Revival Energy Group today.

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