Apart from installing the highest-efficiency ductless heat pumps available from Daikin and Mitsubishi, our expert team also repairs and maintains ductless systems so you can be sure your Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA home stays comfortable year-round.

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Fortunately, ductless heat pumps are extremely low maintenance. Unlike traditional heating or air conditioning units that require annual expert maintenance, ductless systems require some basic service to ensure optimum performance like keeping the filters and coils clean. However, you can easily perform these simple tasks so you won’t need to pay a professional regularly. Of course, if you need assistance in maintaining your system, our team can help.

Repairs for Ductless Heat Pumps

With how technologically advanced and energy efficient ductless heat pumps are, they rarely experience any need for repairs. Since they generally last at least twice as long as other heating and air conditioning solutions, you’ll have peace of mind for much longer. However, in the event that your system stops working properly, the ductless experts at Revival Energy Group will be able to determine exactly what your ductless heat pump needs.

PNW Ductless Experts in Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

At Revival, we know ductless. Our team is certified and trained in installing, maintaining, and repairing both Daikin and Mitsubishi systems. We always prioritize your comfort, your home’s energy efficiency, and the indoor air quality of your space, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible.

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  • Angie's List Customer, Portland, OR

    They came to my house to do an energy audit. They informed me that the company that had installed my heater had not done it correctly. I had the other company come and remove the heater and then fired them.

Building Performance Insutitute (BPI) Certified Professional, Revival Energy Group