At Revival Energy we’re always looking to increase performance. Our tried and true method of testing and measuring your home guarantees we’ll match the right ductless product for your home. When we do a whole house evaluation you can expect that we’ll help you reduce energy costs every step of the way. Most contractors do not even measure the home and just guess the size. At Revival we offer complimentary accurate sizing and design to every home.

What Brands of Ductless Heat Pumps Do We Install?

We believe in ductless products because they deliver some of the industry’s highest performance. Ductless heat pumps help homeowners save money, save energy, and enjoy a higher level of comfort in their home. We’re proud to carry well-known brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi for the key reason that they offer the most reliable and proven systems.

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

Daikin Ductless

Each company provides a broad offering of products from single-port to multiport systems. With a multi-port unit you can take full advantage of zones.

Simple & Quick Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

Ductless systems pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to wall or ceiling mounted air handling units through small lines. Each room or living space has its own air handling unit and each unit has its own wireless electronic temperature control system.

Compared to traditional heating and air conditioning solutions, ductless heat pumps don’t require the time-intensive, invasive, and expensive process of installing ductwork. This is why installation is so quick and simple, so you can get started on having a more comfortable and energy efficient home immediately.

Unlike other air conditioning and heating solutions, a ductless system can have multiple heads which allow you to control the temperature according to the way you live. Each indoor head corresponds with a heating and cooling zone that can be controlled independently. Heating and cooling your home this way eliminates the costly over-heating and cooling common to central air or other traditional means.

As an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally, we can help you access cash incentives to make it easier to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Ready to see how going ductless can boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency? Contact us to talk to us about installing a ductless heat pump in your home!

What can a ductless heat pump do for your home?

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