Wondering how much energy you could save in your Northwest home by switching from an oil heating system to a gas furnace or a heat pump? Revival Energy Group offers conversion cost saving analysis to help homeowners near Vancouver and Portland see how switching from oil to gas or from oil to heat pump could help them maximize their energy savings.

What Is a Conversion Cost Saving Analysis?

Using advanced software, a conversion cost saving analysis gives you an in-depth look at how upgrading your heating system can increase energy efficiency in your home. In addition to giving you an estimated level of savings, it will show you the cost of implementation and how quickly your costs will be paid back in energy savings. Ultimately, a conversion cost saving analysis can help you decide which heating system upgrades will be most advantageous for your home — and what to expect when you do decide to upgrade.

Visualize Your Energy Savings with Revival Energy

At Revival Energy, it is our mission to help customers understand their homes and help build tailored solutions for efficiency, comfort, and health. Before we work on your home, we can conduct an energy audit and conversion cost saving analysis to find the best potential improvements. From there, we can convert your HVAC systems or perform insulation installation, air sealing, and more to make your home more energy efficient. Whatever your home’s needs are, we will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions about upgrading your home.

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  • Shirley E., Portland, OR

    Ben and Garth came to do our energy audit. They are very knowledgable and professional and obviously love what they do. They showed us what they were finding and spoke at length about what we could do ourselves or hire them or another company to do to see immediate and significant results.

Building Performance Insutitute (BPI) Certified Professional, Revival Energy Group