Many homes from Portland and Vancouver aren’t nearly as energy efficient as they could be. Air leaks in the building envelope, lack of insulation, poorly sealed ducts, and more can cause a home to consume much more energy than necessary. At Revival Energy, we offer blower door testing to help homeowners in the Northwest better understand how air leakage is affecting their homes.

What Is a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test assesses home airtightness by identifying and measuring air leakage in your home. At the start of a blower door test, a blower door unit, which consists of a nylon frame and an attached fan, is fitted into the entry door frame of your home. All of the home’s windows and doors (aside from the entry door) are then closed, and all heating and cooling systems are shut off. Then, the fan of the blower door unit pulls air out of your home, creating a negative air pressure atmosphere indoors. Air from the high pressure environment outdoors is then drawn into the home through any unwanted cracks and gaps. At this point, a gauge on the blower door unit measures exactly how much air is leaking into your home in CFM (cubic feet per minute). This gauge also calculates the rate of air leakage in your home.

Why Should My Home Get a Blower Door Test?

A blower door test tells you in great detail how air leakage is affecting your home. It can alert you about upgrades your home needs for better efficiency, such as additional insulation or air sealing. The blower door test is a central component of a comprehensive home energy audit, which looks at HVAC efficiency, heating and cooling loads, insulation, humidity levels, room to room airflow, and more. Ultimately, an energy audit and blower door test can help you make decisions that boost energy savings and maximize comfort in your home.

Revival Energy: Your Energy Efficiency Experts

At Revival Energy, we pride ourselves on offering homeowners in Washington and Oregon a variety of services that will make their homes more energy efficient. Whether you have questions about air leakage, insulation, HVAC, energy assessments, or indoor quality, we have the solutions you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us so our experts can help you maximize energy savings in your home.

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