How energy efficient is your home heating system? Revival Energy Group helps homeowners in and around Portland and Vancouver convert their oil heating systems to gas and heat pump systems.

Seamless HVAC Conversion

Whether you’re switching from oil to gas or from oil to heat pump, our experts can offer a seamless conversion. When you switch from oil to gas, we’ll handle everything from disposing of your old furnace and installing a gas furnace to coordinating with National Grid to ensure proper connection. When you switch from an oil furnace to a heat pump, we’ll determine the unique needs of your home and design the perfect system to go along with it. With Revival Energy, revamping your HVAC system has never been easier.

Energy Savings for Your Home

Upgrading your oil heating system is one of the best ways you can boost energy savings in your home. Burning natural gas over oil, for example, is shown to reduce CO2 emissions by 27%. Heat pumps, meanwhile, are extremely energy efficient because they transfer rather than generate heat. With a conversion cost saving analysis, our experts can show you just how much energy you’ll save by saying goodbye to your old HVAC system.

Service You Can Trust

If you are considering making the switch from oil to a gas or heat pump system for your Washington or Oregon home, look no further than Revival Energy. Our highly trained and certified specialists create individualized solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. You can always trust our solutions to maximize energy efficiency, health, and comfort in your home.

See how much you can save by switching your heating system from oil. Contact us to get a conversion cost saving analysis today!

Oil to Gas Conversion

Looking to convert your oil heating system to a more environmentally friendly natural gas furnace? Revival Energy Group will handle everything related to your gas conversion, from removing your old furnace to coordinating proper National Grid hookups for heating systems in the Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR areas.

Oil to Heat Pump Conversions

Ready to say goodbye to the fossil fuel you burn to keep your home warm? Reduce your carbon foot print when you convert your oil furnace to a ductless heat pump. Revival Energy Group helps homeowners in the Portland, OR, Pullman and Vancouver, WA areas convert their oil HVAC systems to high-efficiency heat pumps.

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  • Angie's List Customer, Portland, OR

    Revival was hired to perform an energy audit on our home. Their lengthly and detailed evaluation told us what we could do to see immediate and significant results. It even gave us three options to choose from based on the level of insulation desired and cost thereof.

Building Performance Insutitute (BPI) Certified Professional, Revival Energy Group