Revival Energy Group performs many energy audits throughout the year, helping homeowners here in Portland and Vancouver better understand their home performance and predict their energy costs. Not only is this the prime time for the effectiveness of our infrared cameras, but we are also offering 50% off our professional energy audits!

Predicting Your Energy Bills

There are many reasons you need an energy audit. Perhaps it’s time to determine where all of the existing air leaks are in your home, or to see if you are in need of an insulation upgrade. If you have been thinking of converting your outdated oil furnace or boiler to a heat pump, ductless mini split, or high efficiency gas furnace, an energy audit can predict with remarkable accuracy what your energy bills will look like before you actually make a purchase!

What Is an Energy Audit?

This comprehensive test of your home performance covers all aspects of your home comfort and energy usage. From the attic to the crawlspace, your Revival energy auditor will check your insulation using infrared thermal cameras, test for air leakage using a blower door test, measure the air flow and heating load of each room in your home, and use computer modeling software to map out your current and future energy usage. 

Armed with your detailed energy audit report, you can make informed decisions and move forward with upgrading your home comfort and HVAC equipment and HVAC maintenance, saving you the maximum on your high energy bills! Suggested upgrades can include:

Save 50% on a Professional Energy Audit Today!

This offer won’t last — in fact this special energy audit pricing ends on 10/25/2019. So, call the Pacific Northwest’s home performance experts, serving Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA, and schedule your energy audit today!

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Act now and save 50% on the cost of your professional energy audit —

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  • Shirley E., Portland, OR

    Ben and Garth came to do our energy audit. They are very knowledgable and professional and obviously love what they do. They showed us what they were finding and spoke at length about what we could do ourselves or hire them or another company to do to see immediate and significant results.

Building Performance Insutitute (BPI) Certified Professional, Revival Energy Group