See how other homeowners in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area have improved their homes to be more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy with help from the team at Revival Energy Group. From improving indoor air quality to tightening up the building envelope and installing the right-sized HVAC systems, we can do it all. Learn more by reading our case studies.


A homeowner requested a full home assessment of air quality and energy efficiency after feeling that her home was contributing to chronic illness in her family of four. The family wanted to open their windows for fresh air, but couldn't because heavy smoke from a neighbor with wood burning stoves. The whole family was suffering from respiratory issues.

Karen Tiedt

Karen Tiedt was cold in her own home and her energy bills were very high. When Karen invited friends over to eat or play cards, they would often be forced to keep their coats on inside the house. Karen’s home relied on baseboard heaters, which are a very inefficient way to heat a home, and her utility bill was high.

Brian H.

Brian (Portland, Oregon resident) had a very large heating system (100,00 BTU's) that would come on make the house warm fairly quickly and then go off leaving the house to get cold very quickly. The system was loud and smelled bad. Even the neighbors would complain.

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  • Angie's List Customer, Portland, OR

    Revival was hired to perform an energy audit on our home. Their lengthly and detailed evaluation told us what we could do to see immediate and significant results. It even gave us three options to choose from based on the level of insulation desired and cost thereof.

Building Performance Insutitute (BPI) Certified Professional, Revival Energy Group