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Have you always wondered which heating system would maximize energy savings in your home, or what the fastest route to a lower energy bill is? We listen to our customers and address their most common concerns here. You’ll find simple tips for reducing energy costs, easy ways to enhance home comfort, updates on the latest home technologies, and more.

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As BPI-certified home performance contractors, we have the credentials to back up our expertise. So whether you have a question about energy audits or want to know how a ductless heat pump can benefit your home, you can trust the answers you receive from us.

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Failing furnace have you frustrated as the Pacific Northwest temperatures begin to drop? Before you schedule your furnace repair, make sure you’ve checked out these common furnace issues. If your wayward furnace still won’t stay on, give the OR & WA heating pros at Revival Energy Group a call!
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Ductless heat pumps (also known as mini splits) are an energy efficient heating and cooling solution that will keep your Portland or Vancouver home comfortable as the summer transitions to fall. Revival Energy Group professionally installs ductless heat pumps to keep your home cozy all year round!
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Ductless heat pumps are a smart addition to any Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA home—but do you really know why? The HVAC experts at Revival Energy Group will help you figure out if it is right for you.
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The energy efficiency of mini split heat pumps are a smart addition to any Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA home—but do you really know how they work? The HVAC experts at Revival Energy Group will help you understand how mini splits heat and cool your home and if it is right for you.

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Stay comfortable as the seasons change with a mini split heat pump in your Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA home. Keep your whole home the perfect temperature as the summer winds down, with expert mini split installation from Revival Energy Group.
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Do you know what your home needs to become more energy efficient? Revival Energy Group, serving OR and WA, can help you find out. We take a whole home approach to efficiency and offer a variety of solutions that work together to save energy, including insulation, air sealing, and HVAC upgrades.
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Stay cool in the Pacific Northwest heat & spend less with these 7 tips for keeping your Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA home comfortable and energy efficient. Trust experts at Revival Energy Group with your air conditioning and home performance needs for greater home comfort and energy efficiency.
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Air conditioning is crucial for keeping your Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA home comfortable in the summer. At Revival Energy Group, we want to get your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible with an upgraded home cooling system.
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The energy efficient cooling of mini split heat pumps are a smart addition to any Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA home—but where should you have it installed? The HVAC experts at Revival Energy Group will help you pick the perfect room and wall for your ductless mini split heat pump installation.
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Central AC and ductless mini splits are both excellent ways to cool your home efficiently, offering reliable indoor comfort and utility bill savings. Find out which type of cooling system is right for your home in Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA with help from Revival Energy Group.


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  • I had Robert Brierley out to fix my central heating. Quick and efficient. I had a neighbor who was trying to sell me a whole new system for thousands of dollars, Robert came out and saw some simple fixes and said my current system had another good 10 years in it.

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