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Heat Pump saves over 50 percent on heat bill

Angie's List Customer - Portland, OR - June 18, 2014

Revival energy removed an old 1970's through-the-wall air conditioner and installed a new high efficiency split system heat pump.  They repaired the wall and outside siding where the air conditioner was formerly installed.

Revival did a wonderful job on installing the new split system heat pump and repairing the walls!  Our Dad's condo home was heated with electric baseboard heaters and they were costing him up to $200 a month to operate.  The new heat pump is so energy efficient that the bill went down to $50 a month after the installation. 

It is so amazingly quiet both inside AND outside, that you hardly know it's running.  The installer located the heat pump so that it circulates the air so well that it even heats the bedrooms and bathroom down the hallway.  Essentially it heats (and cools!) the entire 900 sq. ft. condo with hardly a sound.  

We are very pleased with not only the installation, but also the heat pump and all its wonderful energy saving benefits!  Revival even noted the front door had a gap at the bottom of it, and installed a door sweep for us to help save even more energy.  We would highly recommend Revival Energy.