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Gas leak found and fixed during routine audit

Sarah R. - 12/11/2013 - Portland, OR

I thought I would share my email experience with Revival Energy Group. I got their information from the energy trust of Oregon after having an energy audit done on our house. I really can't speak highly enough about the visit. And although all we have had done with them is an energy audit/estimate done by Ben Fisher(who was knowledgeable and helpful), we will definitely be using them for our attic insulation. 

Before Ben came over this morning, our water pump was leaking. And since my partner and I are not that handy I just had it draining into a bucket. He looked at it and explained in very thorough detail what needed to be done. Then he noticed that our furnace smelt like gas. I told him it had been like that since we moved in a year ago, and everyone said it was normal. He used his gas detector and found a huge leak! He actually said that he was surprised that it hadn't blown up yet! He then asked if I had a wrench and proceeded to find the leak and tighten it (which he did not have to do!). I am 5 months pregnant and what a scary thing to bring a new child into. I am so thankful that he found the leak and fixed it for us (when all he was there to do was to give us an estimate). I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and knowledge.