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Substantial increase in comfort

Debbie K. Portland, OR - Jan 3, 2012


Robert came to my home and performed an energy audit. We began by discussing my needs--reduced allergies, greater comfort and reduced energy costs. Robert assessed my energy consumption over the previous year and proceeded to use "man toys" to evaluate energy loss in the home. Within a week I received a proposal including good, better and best options for addressing the needs in my home. Robert and Jim were readily available to answer any and all questions throughout the whole process. I chose the better option (Attic sealing, duct wrapping, insulation in both attic and floors). We agreed to one change--replacing the ducts with new and improved duct work having fewer connections and better sealing capacity. Meng and his crew arrived in a timely manner on the day scheduled to begin work. Great care was taken to cover my floors and disrupt my daily activities as little as possible. It took two days to complete the work. Robert had assured me that Meng would review all the work thoroughly before saying the job was complete, and he did just that. Meng discovered that the contractors who put up the floor insulation had not done the job to his satisfaction and called them out to complete the job. This impressed me since I had no way of knowing a good job from a poor one. Robert returned to do a reevaluation of heat loss and demonstrated the results on his equipment. I felt Revival Energy stood behind their word to give me excellent results. It's been three months since I had the work done and I'm very pleased. In the past I kept my thermostat at 64 degrees to save on energy and now I'm able to keep it at 67-68 with no noticeable increase in energy cost/usage but a substantial increase in comfort. My allergies seem greatly reduced. I highly recommend Revival Energy if you are considering improving the air quality and energy savings in your home.