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Ryan W. Vancouver, WA - October 9, 2011

Having built us a custom kitchen some years back as Revival Remodeling, I didn't think twice before calling him to come do some energy efficiency work on my aging cape. After conducting a thorough and (extremely) informative energy audit, Ben assessed that the most cost-effective improvements I could make would be some simple air sealing and improved attic insulation -- he didn't try to sell any expensive windows or talk me into having work done that didn't need to be done.  After making the recommended improvements (which were quick and affordable), I can already feel the difference in my home.  It's more comfortable, less drafty, and although it's still early to say for certain, I'm almost certain my heating bills will be seeing a significant decrease.  I highly recommend Robert and Revival for any type of remodeling-related work, whether it has to do with kitchens, energy efficiency, or something entirely different they were clean, trust worthy and dependable.