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Vancouver home remodeler refashions his company into one that audits energy efficiency

The Columbian- Business Section

Robert Brierley, owner of Vancouver-based Revival Energy Group, tests a room for cold-air leaks at a home in Vancouver. Brierley’s company has reinvented itself to perform energy audits of homes and offices with the aim of helping owners cut energy costs and save money.

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The Columbian Article: Sealing a home increases comfort

Energy Adviser: Sealing a home increases comfort

A cold and drafty attic housing mice in the insulation changed how Robert Brierley thought about home heating, insulation and sealing homes. In 2004, after sucking out the insulation and closing up the holes to improve a vintage home's warmth, the homeowner told Brierley the house was warmer and more comfortable since his company, Revival Energy, had "fixed" the problem. Brierley was confused, because he hadn't blown any insulation back in yet. An engineer by training, he didn't believe there could be any improvement. After all, it was the insulation that kept the heat in the home, wasn't it?

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