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Ductless Heat Pumps Benefits

Save money and increase comfort with a Ductless Heat Pump from Revival Energy

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Ductless Heat Pumps save you money and make your home more comfortable all year round. They do this because they have no leaky ducts and only heat or cool the rooms you are using. 

You can have total control over your comfort level and save money on utility bills – what’s not to love.  

Revival Energy Group offers ductless heat pump installation throughout the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver,Washington area.  

We carry both Daikin and Mitsubishi Ductless Systems. We are top home performance contractors with Angie’s List Super Service awards and all our work is energy star certified.


Go ductless and go to your comfy place

  • Experience a more comfortable home with a ductless heating and cooling system. 
  • Ultra quiet fans evenly circulate air throughout rooms, eliminating hot and cold spots.

enjoying the comfort of a ductless heat pump

What is a ductless heat pump?

Ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-split heat pumps, is an energy efficient alternative to traditional heating systems.  One of the biggest problems with traditional duct heating systems is that they lose energy through leaky ducts. 

outdoor unit of a ductless heat pump

Ductless heating and cooling systems use heat pump technology to distribute warm or cool air more quietly and efficiently than electric furnaces, baseboards and wall heaters.  They don’t have ducts that can leak and they direct the heating or cooling to one room or zone at a time, which gives you a more comfortable home and lowers your energy bills.

The outdoor unit is placed outside your home and connects to the indoor unit with a small  bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line.  The cables require only a three-inch hole  in the wall for installation, eliminating the need for expensive and invasive ductwork.   The indoor unit is mounted on a centrally located wall within your home.

Working with your existing heating system, just one ductless system is enough to heat  and cool an average-sized Northwest home.  A remote control lets you easily adjust  your settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.

remote control for your ductless heat pump

Air conditioning comes standard

A ductless system will ensure your home remains the right temperature in every season.

Come summer you want to be cool and during winter you want to be warm… ductless heating pumps can improve the average temperature throughout the year.

Save energy and money

Install a ductless heating and cooling system and save 25% to 50% on your electric heating bill.

If you have a high utility bill the savings can add up fast.

Utility rebates make the choice even easier 

What is more, there is a big nationwide push to be more energy efficient and the utility companies are offering great rebates to help pay for the work. 

  • Get up to $1,200 in utility rebates
  • Receive state tax credits

There are even tax credits available and although some restrictions apply you should definitely explore these options – you can contact us for details

inside your home ductless heat pumpLow-cost, easy installation

A ductless heat pump system does not require expensive ductwork, which means a hassle free installation andyou retain the original look of your room.   Typical systems cost less than a third of a full central air-conditioning and furnace installation.

Installation is quick, simple and inexpensive

We suggest starting with a home performance assessment – which can tell you where your homes problems lie and exactly how much you will save on your energy bill before you commit to any installation.  We can also help you figure out the rebates and tax credits.  

Call us today to setup an energy audit and see if ductless heat pumps are right for you.

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