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Ductless Heat Pump Rebates and Incentives

How Much Can You Save With A Ductless Heat Pump?

It’s easy to save money with a ductless heat pump. If you live in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR and would like to save money on your energy bill, then going ductless could be the best thing for you!

You’ll save the second you decide to go ductless. Many home owners report savings up to 50% on their utility bills. And you could receive rebates and incentives. Let us help you find out if you qualify for State and local programs.

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates and IncentivesClark County residents qualify for $750 in cash incentives.

Homeowners who currently heat their home with cable ceiling heat, baseboard, wall heaters or and electric furnace can receive a $750 rebate to help pay for an upgrade to a ductless system. This rebate is from Clark Public Utilities.

Oregon residents qualify for $800 in cash incentives

Energy Trust of Oregon offers an $800 cash incentive per residence on ductless heat pumps. The incentive is limited to a maximum of one incentive per home and is available to offset the cost of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit installed per home.

Oregon residential energy tax credit

An Oregon tax credit may be available. Tax credits are based on BTU savings and range from $350 up to $1500 for a ductless heat pump installation. *At Revival Energy we specialize in energy savings and can help you determine what credits you may qualify for based on our estimate. Ask your tax professional for complete details.

We won’t drop the ball after the install. Revival Energy Group provides Ductless Heat Pump installation services eligible for Clark County Utilities rebates and incentives for Oregon residents. Don’t worry a bit as we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you.

Choose a ductless contractor wisely. The most important part of going ductless is choosing the right company to work with. At Revival Energy Group our specialty is reducing energy wastage and increasing comfort and savings in the home. We’ll go through a step by step process to make sure we get the perfect match for you:

Step 1: We Test. We’ll perform a room to room measurement and check air leakage to see if anything needs to addressed before we make any recommendation.

Graph if energy loss in your home on cold nights

Step 2: We Measure. Our sophisticated equipment measure air leakage in your home. We’ll be able to visibly show you how your house operates. This step alone often saves money because a properly sealed and insulated home needs a smaller system to both heat and cool the space.

Step 3: We Recommend. Once we understand your unique situation and establish a solid foundation, we’ll match your home to the right ductless system which may be a single zone, dual zone or multi zone system.

Enjoy peace of mind when you choose Revival Energy Group for your ductless system. You’ll get a properly sized unit, a professional ductless installation and the care and support after the fact to make sure you get all of the rebates and incentives you qualify for.

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