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Commercial Building Energy Audits

Why get a commercial energy audit?

A commercial energy audit is the first step toward reducing your company's operating expense. Our certified technicians will evaluate existing energy consumption and present a detailed report with a prioritized list of solutions. Our solutions will include payback calculations to show you how much money these measures will save and how long it will take to recoup your initial investment.

How much money can you save?

A commercial energy audit can save you up to 50% on utilities. In addition, there are thousands of dollars in government tax incentives and energy efficiency rebates that help subsidize the cost of implementation. Our solutions typically pay for themselves within two to five years from the time of implementation.

Commercial air blower testWhat are we looking for?

In addition to evaluating existing consumption habits, we will examine light fixtures, test air ducts, and measure air leakage in order to determine the specific needs of your building. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective solutions possible so you immediately see an impact on your bottom line.

How much will this cost?

Included in your efficiency report is a list of energy efficiency rebates and tax incentives that will subsidize improvements. The cost of the initial audit depends on the size of your building, and can be used toward the expense of any recommendation we make. Through its Green Street Lending program, Umpqua Bank is offering up to $200,000 in loans for small business energy efficiency upgrades. 

How do you know it will work?

We use the latest from SMT (Structural Monitoring Technology) to remotely track the effectiveness of our improvements and ensure your efficiency goals are being met. Any additional maintenance we do for one calendar year comes at no extra cost.