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Home Energy Audit

Why you need a home energy audit?

Your home could be losing as much as sixty percent of the energy used to heat and cool it due to duct leaks, incorrectly sized or inefficient equipment and poor insulation.  A home energy audit will determine where these inefficiencies are and show you exactly how much can be saved by fixing them.

Why Revival Energy Group?

A home energy audit from Revival Energy Group is far more than just a visual inspection.  We use the latest technology including infared cameras and blower door tests.  We also use tablet based Energy Modeling Software to collect the important data points of the home needed to make an energy usage simulation, energy performance scoring and heat load calculations. 

Three primary goals of a home energy audit

  • Figure out how much energy each part of your home uses from heating and cooling to lighting and appliances. 
  • Use tablet based software to model your energy bills and compare the models to your actual bills.
  • Analyze what different types of heating and cooling systems, lighting and insulation can provide in terms of energy savings for your home.

Our Home Energy Audit takes all the information and uses it to properly analyze your homes energy usage and provide energy savings solutions.  It also predicts the level of savings, the cost of implementation and shows how quickly your costs will be paid back in energy savings. 

The Home Energy Audit looks at the following

  • HVAC Sizing and Efficiency
    We look at the size, efficeincy and safety of your furnace and water heater.

  • Insulation
    We inspect the type and the depth of insulation all around the home.

  • Humidity Inspection
    We measure the relative humidity (RH) of the attic, the crawlspace and within the home.

  • Air leakage test
    We use blower door tests to measure the amount of air leakage in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and we compare that to how much it should be based upon the air volume in your house and your occupant levels.

  • Thermal infrared
    We use thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint any air leakage points, missing insulation, or water leakage happening in the home.

  • Heat load calculations room to room
    We measure each rooms need for heat in terms of BTUs using a manual J heating and cooling load calculation formula.

  • Room to room CFM airflow
    We measure in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) how much air is coming out of each register to determine proper distribution.

  • Utility Bill Analysis and Summary
    We look at the last year of your electric, gas and oil bill along with usage.  This is then integrated with our modeling software to provide predictions on energy bill savings based on specific upgrades and improvements in your homes performance.

  • Lighting Analysis and Summary
    We count up all your lighting including wattage and enter it into our energy model to get a good look at what it’s really costing you.

  • Appliance Analysis and Summary
    We take an inventory of your appliances and provide you with average usage data for the type and year of your appliances and any potential change outs that would make sense.

  • Energy modeling and reporting
    We generate a 25 page report on your homes energy loss which clearly shows the impact that the loss has on your heating and cooling bill.

  • Individual Improvement Recommendations 
    We show each improvements reduction in heating and cooling load, energy savings predictions, eligable rebates.  We also provide a payback timeline so you can see how long it will take to re-coupe your costs and realize continued savings.

  • See a Sample Report