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BPI Accredited ContractorBPI Certified Building Analyst: As a certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst, I have had training in BPI's rigorous house-as-a-system approach and kept conscientiously up-to-date on certification (BPI requires Building Analysts to be re-certified every three years). As a BPI Building Analyst I am certified to conduct blower-door tests, combustion appliance inspection and repair, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection, duct testing and airflow testing in addition to my other contracting services. For more information about BPI's standards, take a look at their Technical Standards for Building Analysts (PDF).


 BPI Certified Envelope Specialist: As a certified BPI(Building Performance Institue) Envelope Specialists, I have had extensive training in the building envelope, to assess insulation, air barriers and the exterior shell of the building. Also, to recommend upgrades, improvements and follow their path to being implemented and tested in the home. Having these two certifications makes us eligible for BPI Accreditation             

    Blower Door Fan Manufacturer Certfifications


Level I Residentials Air leakage and Pressure testing. Trained to adhere to the latest ASTM Residential air leakage standards and complete air leakage testing including the use thermal infrared with a blower door. 

Level II Duct leakage testing. Trained to test duct leakage through multiple methods of testing, including pressurizing both house and duct system to negate duct leakage to house and find the all important duct leakage to the outside.

Level III Large building testing. Trained in large building testing using the latest USACE(Army Core of Engineers) standard, can perform complete air leakage testing from high rise buildings to small commercial buildings. Have been trained to test for shell leakage, floor to floor leakage and individual room to room.