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Revival Energy Customer Guaranteerevival energy guarantee


Revival Energy Group offers industry-leading guarantees for its work. We can provide these guarantees because we have building performance down to a science. These include:

  • Two-degree comfort guarantee
  • Air quality guarantee
  • Qualified rebate guarantee
  • Extended parts and labor warranty

comfort guarantee

Two-degree Comfort Guarantee

Once our recommended sealing and insulation work is complete, we offer an amazing “two-degree guarantee.”  That means from room to room or from upstairs to downstairs, we guarantee an even temperature to within 2 degrees.  If your thermostat is set for 72, then every room in your home will be within plus or minus two degrees of that setting. 

air quality guarantee

Air Quality Guarantee

We guarantee air quality readings to be (on average) inside of nationally recommended safe levels.  Many homes have below-average indoor air quality. We test air quality to determine levels, perform recommended work to fix your issues, and test again after the work is done so you can see the impact. We can offer this guarantee because we’ve done this so successfully and consistently for our clients that we know exactly what works.

Want to see how we’ve helped others? Check out the case study.  



Our basic warranty on all systems and workmanship is a five-year labor warranty with a 10-year parts warranty. 

five year labor10 year parts

However, if you let us bring your home up to our standards for insulation and air sealing, we can extend that warranty to an unparalleled 10 years parts and 10 years labor. How? Because with proper sealing and insulation, we know your HVAC equipment experiences far less strain and will therefore last longer.

extended warranty10 year parts


Rebate Guarantee

There are so many rebates offered by state agencies and local utilities that it’s nearly impossible for homeowners to know about of them all.  Let Revival help by keeping track for you.  We will do the paperwork for any programs that we let you know about, and we’ll guarantee your eligibility—or we’ll pay the rebate ourselves.