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Home Performance Assessments

Do you want to improve the comfort, efficiency, or health of your home?

Our Home Performance Assessments diagnose your home’s energy efficiency, comfort level, and air quality, showing you exactly how your home is performing…or underperforming.

Our computer modeling software generates detailed reports showing not only potential improvements, but also exactly how each improvement will impact your comfort level and energy bills.

We offer three assessments: a Heating and Cooling Design, a Home Energy Audit, and Air Quality Monitoring. Choose the assessment that best fits your needs, or combine them for the most comprehensive possible look at your home’s performance.

heating and cooling design



The Heating and Cooling Design is for sizing a new HVAC system, but includes a full Comfort Ananlysis.  This looks at your homes efficency at handling the hot and cold air by doing the following:

  • Identifying where your home loses or gains heat using with a precise calculation of BTU Heating and Cooling needs.
  • Comparing savings with costs for improving insluation, air leakage and windows.
  • Sizing a furnace, heat pump and air conditioning system to perfectly match your home's needs.



A Home Energy Audit focuses on the energy usage of your home, and finds ways to be more efficient and save money on utilities. Our audit includes:

  • Figuring out how much energy each part of your home uses, from heating and cooling to lighting and appliances. 
  • Uses tablet-based software to quickly and accurately model your energy bills, and compares them to your actual bills.
  • Analyzing how different types of heating systems, lighting, and insulation--or even alternate fuel sources--can reduce your energy bills.



The Air Quality Assessment focuses on the quality of your home’s air, and includes the following:

  • Monitoring your home's air quality levels for three days in order to understand the exact makeup of your air.
  • Comparing your home’s air quality levels to acceptable levels, according to national standards, to accurately assess what needs improvement, and by how much.
  • Giving you precise levels for relative humidity, dust and allergens, VOCs, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and temperature.



Like most contractors, we offer free estimates.  We go one step further, however, by performing home assessments.  These give us accurate actionable data which help us make recommendations and estimates which will deliver you the best results for your home.  The assessments require high tech equipment and extra time and we are often asked if we charge for them.  The simple answer is, if you are looking to make home improvements, then most assuredly they are free.  If however, you want a home energy audit purely out of interest or if you plan on doing the work yourself, then we would charge a small fee to cover part of our costs.